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Shivam Gupta


Full Stack DeveloperProduct Maker

I develop apps to fill gaps in existing solutions based on personal needs.

If they don't exists in the market, I create them from scratch.

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Likhavat - Centralized Form Management System (Under Development)

Likhavat simplifies form management, freeing users from complex backend setups to focus on designing, managing, and analyzing forms effortlessly.

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Ketu - Remote Control and Surveillance Tool

Ketu is a tool designed to facilitate remote control and surveillance. It establishes a seamless connection between a server and a client, enabling the exchange of key logs, WIFI passwords, screenshots, clipboard content, and system information.

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The Cyber Avengers - Cybersecurity Community

The Cyber Avenger is a growing community of over 500 people passionate about helping and empowering one another in the field of cybersecurity. The lively network is ready to assist with troubleshooting issues or collaborating on projects.

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Express Auth (Under Development)

Express Auth (express-auth) is a work-in-progress project aimed at building a robust authentication and authorization backend using Express.js. The project focuses on creating essential authentication functionalities like sign-up, sign-in, password reset, and profile management.

More Upcoming...

More Upcoming...